What We Do

Washtenaw Non-Profits (WNP) coordinates, administers and manages member participation in the annual July Ann Arbor Art Fairs. Washtenaw Non-profits is itself a non-profit organization; its sole purpose is to facilitate and coordinate membership, assign booths to members and to manage member participation in the Fair. See Policies, Rules and Regulations and About Us.

How can our organization get a booth? How does our org become a WNP member?

The Policies, Rules and Regulations provides all the information. If your organization qualifies for a non-profit designation; if it can meet the simple terms of compliance; and if it completes and submits all application materials, including fees: your org is a member-you get a booth (provided space allows). The application for WNP membership can be downloaded from this site.

How and when can our organization submit a membership application for a booth?

Completed applications are accepted beginning February 1st. (Applications received prior to this date will be returned.) Receipt of completed application materials and requisite 2 checks constitutes WNP membership.

Necessary Dates and Meetings 

The Ann Arbor Art Fair will be held on Thursday-Saturday, July 21-23, 2022.  You will have the opportunity to unload and set up on Wednesday, July 20th from 9am-9pm and pack your booth up upon the close of the fair at 8pm on Saturday, July 23rd.  The MANDATORY meeting date will be held via zoom at a date to be determined before the Art Fair.  The meeting details will be communicated through email to all participants.  You must have a representative from your nonprofit present to obtain your booth information.

When..? What if…? Can we…? How do we…?

Go to FAQs and Policies, Rules and Regulations for more answers.

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