Find the perfect tent for your space

The Nonprofit section offers a single booth space and a double booth space.  Since our double booth spaces are “hot ticket items” they sell out fast.  Because of that, if we have extra spaces available by the time we organize spaces per nonprofit we sometimes are able to offer two single size spaces.


Booth measurements:

Single:    6 ft x 6 ft

Double:   10 ft x 10 ft

(2) Singles:  12 ft x 12 ft


A great way to find a tent for the size needed is Amazon Smile!  Sometimes a 6 ft x 6 ft tent is hard to find so you could also check out a 6 ft x 4ft or even create your own!  Click HERE to see if one of these sizes works best for you.

To learn about how you can earn some of this money back, visit our Amazon Smile page!


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