About Us

WNP Mission Statement

Washtenaw Non-Profits operates as a contracted confederation of member organizations, whose goal is member representation at the Ann Arbor summer Fair, as per 1991 City Council resolution. Meeting the terms of the Policies, Rules and Regulations of WNP establishes membership status; decision-making is conducted under simple majority rules with a spirit of agreement-seeking so that the voices and views of each member organization representative are recognized and addressed in reasonable terms. All meetings of the Washtenaw Non-Profits follow open-meeting provisions.


WNP is governed by an evolving steering committee comprised of past and present member organization representatives. Member organizations are invited to join the governance committee. The committee’s functions include overseeing WNP policies, activities and accounting. See Policies, Rules and Regulations.

 Steering Committee

Annie Dalton (President & Treasurer), John Jourden (Vice President) & Bill Shea (Secretary)


John Jourden has coordinated and managed the non-profit section of the Ann Arbor Art Fairs since the 1991 Ann Arbor City Council Resolution that ensured its central location in the Fair.

Annie Dalton joined the team in July 2019.  She has a background with Business Management and Event Coordination. Her experience with Sky Foundation Inc. (a non-profit dedicated to pancreatic cancer awareness and funding) will be a great fit for our expanding non-profit section.

February 2020 the Washtenaw Non Profits officially became a nonprofit 501(3)c and will be accepting sponsorships to host the nonprofit section of the Art Fair. For inquiries, please contact Annie at