There are two ways to submit an application:

1. Download an Acrobat version of the Application Form, print out and complete the application, and send it via US mail (address provided on application) along with 2 checks, your organization’s mission statement and complete contact information.


2. Use the form below to submit your information. This will e-mail your application information to us, but YOUR APPLICATION WILL NOT BE PROCESSED UNTIL YOU MAIL THE REQUIRED PAYMENTS.

Applications will not be accepted before February 1; applications received prior to that date will be returned to sender.  Applications will be listed on the 2023 Member page in the order received. This is not the order of your booth assignment during the Fair.

Note: This year’s Fair times have changed. Check the Calendar tab for new time and dates.  Also for this year there will be 8 spots offered (10×10) for a $250.00 fee.

Note: Out-county applications will not be listed( on the member page) until after June 1, 2023, and as space allows. You can submit your application now. Applications will be listed on the Wait list page, in the order they were received.

    Organization (Required)

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    Full Name (Required)

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    Please indicate below the days/times you want to be in the booth. Each day must have an occupant, either your organization or another with whom you plan to share the space.

    We plan to share space with the following organization:

    Days/Times we will use booth (please be specific):

    If you want to share a booth space but do not have another organization to share it with, would you like to be on a list of potential booth partners, to be compiled and distributed by Washtenaw Non-Profits?


    Remember, this application will not be processed until you've mailed the application fees (2 checks - $150.00 single booth/$250 for Double Booth and $50.00 participation), abridged mission statement, and stamped, self-addressed envelope. You will be notified late June of the receipt of your application and your booth assignment status. Please make checks payable to "Washtenaw Non-Profits" and mail to:

    Washtenaw Non-Profits
    c/o Annie Dalton
    2426 Wiltshire
    Berkley, MI 48072

    A $5 fee will be assessed and subtracted from the refundable $50 participation fee if you do not include a self-addressed and stamped envelope and two separate checks for the booth and participation fees.

    By submitting my application, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the Policies, Rules and Regulations for non-profit organization participants in the 2023 Art Fair. I agree to abide by each of the regulations and will be responsible for our organization's compliance.

    Please Type These Simple Characters Into the Field Below Before Submitting


    *Non-profits may either be filed under 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4), or 527 sections of the US IRS code, or be of a non-profit nature with annual revenues less than required to submit tax forms to the IRS. If your organization falls under the latter provision, please submit material outlining your mission as a non-profit organization and confirming that you have revenues less than required for IRS status.

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