Tips & Tricks

Eye Catching Booth Signage

Some people are visual learners. The quickest way to catch someone’s attention as they’re entering the art fair is to grab them by your signage. If they see something that aligns with something they believe or want to get involved in, having signs about what you do is the best way to do that.

Often times FedEx will have big sales for banners and prints. Or even offer promo codes for you to obtain discounts. Check out some of the items they provide and see what would work best for your booth!

Visit FedEx’s Website HERE.

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Professional Booth Photography

Jorge Flores at Flores Photo Design has been doing event photos for several years. He has worked with corporations, nonprofits and several charities from across country.

We have a special booth members-only package available to you this year:

  • 10 professionally edited, print quality image files of your presence at the fair
  • Full usage rights for printing & sharing
  • Online archive of previous years
Now included with booth space reservation.


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Ordering Marketing & Promo Items

Businesses use promotional items to take products or services to the masses. But non-profit organizations can also increase awareness about a social cause by distributing some useful giveaways. They can attract donors or attract volunteers to do some selfless work for a community. For instance, you can get all of your volunteers to wear some imprinted shirts that have your organization’s logo.

Many non-profit organizations face fundraising problems. They do not get enough financial support from governments. So, they depend on building public trust to get the support. This is where promotional products can help.

Promotional products for non-profit organizations help build awareness about a cause. The usefulness of promotional products for brand awareness is now well documented. According to a survey, nearly half of the time, promotional products create a desirable impression of the brand or organization.

Non-profit organizations use unique promotional products to increase awareness about their cause. They can generate more awareness by this marketing medium than by using the conventional ones.

Traditional media such as print advertisements and television are not only costly for nonprofits, but they are less effective as well. One of the advantages of promotional items is that they are tangible. They’re cost-effective too when considering cost-per-impression. So, your nonprofit organization can achieve its set goal.

Nonprofits can convey their appreciation of donation by offering these giveaways. There is a wide range of promotional products that you can choose. But make sure that the item is useful and its quality is good.

A useful item that is lacking in good quality is almost equal to not giving a gift as the user will soon throw it away. The success of a promotional product in grabbing the user’s attention can be achieved only if its quality is excellent.

Here Are Top 15 Promotional Products For Not-For-Profit Organizations

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Refining Your Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch for nonprofits can be broken down into three sections: the hook, the body, and the wrap-up. Then, you must bring all the content to life with your delivery. Below, we’ll walk you through timing estimates for each section as well as tips to get the ball rolling.

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Finding an Approved Tent for your Booth


We have noticed in recent years that when we get closer to summer, it becomes very difficult to source an approved tent for the art fair. This year, we will begin offering 6×6 and 10×10 tents for sale. These tents are approved by the Washtenaw Non Profits and the City of Ann Arbor for use in the Art Fair. The purchase link will be on this page, as well as distributed in email & social communication. There will be limited tents available per year, so please reserve yours quickly.

The Nonprofit section offers a single booth space and a double booth space.  Since our double booth spaces are “hot ticket items” they sell out fast.  Because of that, if we have extra spaces available by the time we organize spaces per nonprofit we sometimes are able to offer two single size spaces.

Booth measurements:

Single:    6 ft x 6 ft

Double:   10 ft x 10 ft

(2) Singles:  12 ft x 12 ft

A great way to find a tent for the size needed is Amazon Smile!  Sometimes a 6 ft x 6 ft tent is hard to find so you could also check out a 6 ft x 4ft or even create your own!  Click HERE to see if one of these sizes works best for you.

To learn about how you can earn some of this money back, visit our Amazon Smile page!

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